The Daughter Who Keeps Me Humble recently brought up a story from the past that didn’t make me feel especially good. She has a way of doing that. It’s a gift. I think it started when she was 4 and, having seen way too many t.v. commercials, asked me why I didn’t go on NutriSystem and get skinny?

So she says to me, “Hey mom – remember that time you went with some other people from our church to protest the opening of an Adult Store and you all walked in a circle around the building and prayed? Well, me and my friends drove by there the other day on our way to the beach and I told them about you doing that. And they thought is was SO FUNNY! One of them said ‘I bet God let that store go ahead and open because one of those Christians in that circle was secretly a fan of porn, and GOD KNEW IT.'”

Ouch. I told you she was talented. And she wasn’t even trying…………..this was just casual, friendly talk. I smiled a bit and chuckled with her…..and realized once again how far the gap is between how I perceive what I do in God’s name and how others perceive it.

I participated in that little Jericho walk about 8 years ago. I don’t think I would now, even before hearing my daughter’s take on it. I’ve just changed my ideas a bit about effectively living for Christ in this crazy world. About being an alien here. About longing for home and daring to hope God would let me bring someone along with me who might not have gone otherwise.

I won’t lie – it hurt to hear her mock a piece of my journey, and especially to know that she did it  publicly. I  carried her butt to Sunday School and VBS and youth group outings and I followed Swindoll’s parenting series and I wrote out a recommended prayer using Scripture and replacing all the “he’s” with her name. I did all THAT and even made her go back and change clothes for church and remember her Bible and gave her offering money, yet today she is so far away from it all that it appears ridiculous to her and every person with whom she has surrounded herself.

But, I take comfort in knowing she is on her own journey with God. All of us travelers sometimes look back  and see ourselves in an awkward period. There are times in our journeys that we are all back in middle school and our hair is stringy,our teeth uneven and our mamas dressed us funny. But someone loved us even then.  I have awkward periods, too. I know He chuckles a bit as He sees my attempts at fitting in and being on His team and trying to please Him. Even if He’d just preferred we spent an hour in silence listening to Him or playing music instead of slapping on sunscreen and a hat and blowing our trumpets. We survive no less His.