It started when I found the chicken breasts were $5.99/lb. Chicken………not steak………..chicken! At the low end grocery store.

Then my car wouldn’t start.

While waiting for a jump start, I watched a woman park in a handicapped space without a handicap placard.

After my car was jumped off and running I pulled out into traffic and up to the red light.

And I heard the woman in the car next to mine blow her horn long and loudly at the driver in front of her – the light changed, but he chose not to pull out in front of the firetruck racing through the intersection with sirens blaring.

My glass was definitely half empty and had a hole in the bottom.

I could have been thankful that I was able to buy the chicken breasts, that I’m not handicapped and in need of the spot that was taken, that my husband was able to jump start my car, that the firetruck wasn’t going to MY house and that I wasn’t in the passenger seat of the woman blowing her horn. But I wasn’t.

Good thing it’s the end of November, because I can tell I’m due a ‘Thanksgiving’.