Buying a bathing suit for a teen or almost-teen girl is never easy.
But buying a bathing suit that is bigger than a sandwich bag, under $50, and still appreciated by the girl who will wear it is a task akin to
putting on the suit yourself and swimming the English Channel (which is not easy, I just read a great book about the subject).

I have one daughter, my THIRD, still living at home – Sweet Baby WAS her nickname. And I have one last, very last, precious, everlasting, persevering, God-Bless-It, nerve. The daughter, the bathing suit, and the nerve recently occupied the same time and space in my brain and they were not happy roommates. Toilet paper was not replaced, old pizza was left on the floor, there was pouting, oh, the pouting! Not pleasant.

Because this wasn’t enough of a challenge, circumstances dictated that the bathing suit must be purchased quickly and without the physical presence of the daughter formerly known as Sweet Baby. The only alternative was a late night trip to the mall and I’d rather traumatize her for life by sending her naked to swim or sending her in an ugly suit than go to the mall in the evening after a full day of work and shop for something contentious like a bathing suit. Seeeeriously. I did mention I have raised two other daughters, right? I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. Stressful as it is to buy the bathing suit under these circumstances, the stress of a late night mall trip when you’re desperate is the stress that eventually kills you at a young age and everyone wonders what happened.

The good news is that though it took 3 separate lunch hour trips to various stores and 2 returns, in the end there was VICTORY!! This purchase should be in the Mom Olympics. I would have won the gold. It was THAT good.