We visited another church today; what else is new?  This one was “happy clappy” as our Irish friends would say. Meaning charismatic, only in this case, it truly was only a lot of clapping, movin’ and groovin’. Even the pastor did a bouncy jump up and down like-you’re-at-a-rock-concert thing. Of course, I was standing next to ‘Stick’ and ‘In the Mud’, otherwise Known as my family members.  So I kept it under control.

Friendly people. Good band. Didn’t recognize any of the choruses. Not a pew Bible nor hymnal to be seen anywhere. Nor a cross, for that matter. Which is oddly dissonant with the welcome packet handout that described “impassioned orthodoxy” as a chief descriptor of the church planting organization that is behind this church. Oh well. I wasn’t bothered; just couldn’t help noticing.

Afterwards, our lunch conversation centered around the fact that we have visited thirty gazillion churches in this town and we could not think of a ONE that had a service under 90 minutes.  A moment of silence for all those long-suffering nursery and children’s church workers! Wow.  In this one respect, my husband would be happy to find a radical departure from the norm.

Next week, Presbyterian. Hello, pipe organ and one hour service. Meet my family – they are so happy to see you.