I write a little, read a lot, think too much and then forget a lot of it. Sometimes I have random, brief moments of pure joy. It would be nice to know when they were coming so I could plan better.

Jujube is a term of endearment my parents used for me when I was a child. It is also a candy I only ever saw people buy at the movies. Which might explain why I enjoy both candy and movies to this day. I pronounce it “jujubee”. ‘Strong woman’, in my experience, is either a sincere compliment  or a poorly-concealed insult and has been directed at me in both forms. Either way, it works for me.

My husband hopes to understand me some day. He is an optimist. We have two daughters out of the home in their 20’s, contributing to society and proving  that anyone can overcome their upbringing.  We have a third daughter who is a teen, contributing to our debt and proving me right about lots of things all the time but never acknowledging any of them. We also scored a son-in-law who is the tallest  and only curly-haired person in our family, which should eventually enrich our gene pool nicely.

I like to think and write about God, church/Church, education in various forms, relationships, books and interesting people.